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Romney T1 Pierce 105 rev wm.jpg

Truck 1


1992/2003 Pierce Dash 105’ Aerial 


1000 gpm pump 300 gallon water tank, complete compliment of Lukas extrication equipment as well as structural firefighting and Truck Company equipment.

Romney ER 1 1995 Pierce Lance rev wm.jpg

Engine-Rescue 1

1995 Pierce Lance 7 man cab


1750 gpm pump 500-gallon water tank, a complete complement of Hurst Jaws of Life extrication equipment. Also has a complete engine company variety of equipment.


Primarily used for all motor vehicle accidents, second due to all non-hydrant structure fires and mutual aid upon request. 

Romney E 1-13 FL Pierce rev wm.jpg

Engine 1

1999 Pierce Freightliner FL112 5 man cab


1750 gpm pump 1000 gallon water tank


First out the primary engine on structure fires in the non-hydrant area and primary mutual aid piece. Complete engine company complement of equipment.

Romney E 1-12 67 Intl rev wm.jpg


1967 International refurbished by American Fire Eagle in 1995 

Romney Br 1 2001 Chevrolet rev wm.jpg

Brush 1

2002 Chevrolet 2500HD

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